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Special Needs Kids Activities

Dance Classes

Our class provides aerobic exercise, improvement in motor skills, and promotes a basic understanding of taking instruction, but most of all it is fun! Join Fun Craft’s certified instructors as they direct your kids through simple and fun dance moves on the songs they know and love. Your kids are guaranteed to have a good time. Hey! We have disco lights, need we say any more?

Painting Classes

See how a simple guided class, can help your child learn to improve hand eye coordination, lean about colors, and follow instructions. Come paint with us at Fun Craft! Join our certified staff in a noncompetitive and casual paint along class. See before your eyes, how your child creates a masterpiece. Now, the only big decision left to make, where do you hang it?

Plaster Craft

We at Fun Craft, cater to all ages with art projects of varying difficulty, detail, and size. We have everything from super heroes, to local sports teams, popular culture icons, animals and good luck charms. Come in today and choose from the hundreds of options in our collection!

Pillow Cases

Choose from our selection of pillow cases, Fun Craft has something for everyone! Be it a peace sign or one of your favorite characters. Pick your pillow case, use our fabric colors, decorate, throw in the dryer for a few minutes to set the colors in, rest your head on your very own pillow case. It’s just that easy!


Do you like stuffed animals? So do we! Come join us and stuff and decorate your very own pet. Choose from one of the many pet options we have, pick an outfit for your pet, decorate the outfit, and then stuff it to your desired firmness. Every child deserves a pet, and we can guarantee that this might be one of the simplest options out there!

Sand Art

Ever been to one of those quaint little beach towns, and wondered how they make those beautiful souvenirs with colored sand? At Fun Craft, we give you an opportunity to make your own masterpiece. Select a container of your licking, and we provide the colored sand. Before you know it, you have a piece to put on that empty spot on your mantle.

Super Hero Cape

Every child dreams of being a super hero, and at Fun craft, they can! We provide Super hero capes for our young crime fighters. They can let their imagination loose on the design, dawn their very own Super hero cape and jump in to action!

Apron Decoration

Have a little chef, or aspiring scientist at home? Encourage their budding talent! At Fun Craft, we offer aprons that can be decorated by your young one. We encourage your child to get creative and design their own apron using fabric colors that we provide. A short stint in the dryer and the colors become permanent. Now that you have a custom apron to call your own, think of all the fun that can be had wearing it!

T-Shirt Decoration

Come choose from our selection of T’s, Fun Craft has something for everyone! Be it a peace sign, one of your favorite characters, or just a plain T-shirt. Pick your T, use our fabric colors, decorate, throw in the dryer for a few minutes to set the colors in, and wear your customized t-shit. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!